7. February 2024
Press Release: Successful Emission

Health Tech Company Succeeds in Funding Round – Pioneering Patient Monitoring Towards Medical CE Approval 

Trondheim-based health technology company Vitalthings AS has recently completed a funding round of 41.6 million NOK, surpassing its capital goal of 35 million due to high interest. The company is at the forefront of developing non-contact monitoring solutions for patient and user follow-up. Its digital night watch, Somnofy, is already in use by over 30 municipalities and healthcare providers, as well as being utilized by numerous Norwegian and international universities for sleep research data collection. 

Vitalthings, in collaboration with DNV Imatis, has recently completed the innovative "Autoskår" partnership project, led by St. Olavs Hospital with Malvik Municipality and the University Hospital of Northern Norway as participating organizations. The project focused on non-contact patient follow-up, resulting in the development of the world's first non-contact patient monitor for continuous monitoring. Healthcare professionals at St. Olavs Hospital and other clinical environments have played an active role in this project.

Clinical trials have been completed, and Vitalthings has advanced the Guardian M10 product to apply for European medical CE certification. Central to the development was the creation of proprietary breathing and pulse algorithms enabling non-contact monitoring with the precision and safety required for medical devices. The technology is also being adapted for institutional and home use, including space-based solutions for acute psychiatry. 

The solution developed in Autoskår, now finalized with the Guardian M10 product, has significant potential to enhance patient safety and operational efficiency. I have great confidence in this product.

Lars Erik Laugsand

Assistant Clinic Manager, St. Olavs hospital

Vitalthings has developed solutions that already provide significant benefits, including in sleep monitoring. The company's new non-contact medical patient monitor has a huge global potential.

Tore Stiles

Professor Emeritus i klinisk psykologi

The largest investor in the completed funding round is Coperio Holding AS, led by Tore Stiles. Stiles, founder and principal shareholder of the health technology company Checkware AS, which was recently sold to the Danish software company EG, is also a professor emeritus in clinical psychology and strongly believes in the potential of non-contact patient monitoring. 

At Vitalthings, we experience great interest in our monitoring solutions. Since 2015, we've worked systematically and in close collaboration with healthcare and clinical environments to develop solutions enabling proactive follow-up of individuals needing various types of oversight, without the use of cameras or body sensors. These solutions increase safety around health conditions and have the potential for better financial operations. Access to continuous data will also enable the application of AI in new areas. The interest in Somnofy and our new medical monitoring solution Guardian M10 is significant, both domestically and internationally.

Bård Benum

CEO, Vitalthings

About Vitalthings

Founded in 2017 by three experienced technology entrepreneurs/leaders (Ole Johan Ellingsen, Alf-Egil Bogen, and Bård Benum), Vitalthings focuses on non-contact health technology and closely collaborates with Norwegian and global healthcare, clinical, and research environments. The organization, with 30 employees in Trondheim and Tønsberg, spans the entire value chain from sensor technology, signal processing, AI, digital services to healthcare, clinical, and regulatory expertise. The company markets a welfare technology product, a digital night watch, and has recently developed the world's first non-contact patient monitor for continuous monitoring. Vitalthings primarily focuses on B2B products and services but has also licensed IP to a consumer-focused company in the USA. Employees own 65% of the company shares.  

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