Vitalthings Somnofy

Accurate and contactless monitoring for increased insight in health data

A Digital Night Guard for Hospitals, Institutions, Nursing homes, and Home Care Services

Vitalthings Somnofy is the world's most precise contactless sleep monitor. It continuously collects health data while the person is in bed, measuring presence, sleep, wakefulness, and disturbances throughout the night. Additionally, it measures individual average respiratory rate with very high accuracy


Increased Patient Safety with Somnofy


Status Overview

The status overview provides a comprehensive picture of the patient's condition throughout the night. Vitalthings Somnofy offers insights into the patient's position relative to the bed, movement.


Nightly Report

Every morning, an automatic report is generated, showing how vital parameters performed during the previous night compared to the user's individual baseline.



Vitalthings Somnofy issues alerts if the user is out of bed, restless, moving excessively, making loud noises, and more. The product is integrated with various alerting systems to consolidate all alerts in one place.


Sleep Assessment

The sleep analysis includes information about sleep and wake times, sleep quality and the user's sleep phases throughout the night, providing valuable insights for improving sleep.

Continuous Monitoring for
Early Indication

Vitalthings Somnofy stands out by automatically collecting individual user data continuously over time. This enables a thorough mapping of what is a 'normal' situation for each user.

For healthcare professionals, this means faster detection of indications of changes in health status, with the possibility of immediate response and closer follow-up.

The analysis results are accessible on mobile devices, tablets, or the web, making relevant information readily available for necessary actions. 

Improved Sleep Monitoring:
Contactless and Highly Reliable

Vitalthings Somnofy monitors the user without the need for any wearables. The monitor is wall-mounted and connected via Wi-Fi.

Measurements start automatically when the user goes to bed and end when the user gets up in the morning. All of this happens without any action required from the user or staff. This technology provides entirely new insights and is much less invasive than many other alternatives, such as video surveillance and physical check-ups.

Vitalthings Somnofy collects a variety of data


Respiratory rate

Nightly averages for increased safety


Sleep stages

Light, deep, REM, awake



Restlessness or out of bed



Sound, light, pressure, air quality, humidity, temperature

Vitalthings Somnofy reduces the need for physical supervision


Night Guard


In bed/not in bed

2-4 times per night



2-4 times per night


Assessment of Sleep quality

Subjective logging

Objective logging

Assessment of restlessness/movement

2-4 times per night


Respiratory rate



The Result of a Decade of Research and Development

Vitalthing Somnofy has been developed in close collaboration with universities and medical institutions in Norway. Today we actively participate in numerous significant research projects.

"Vitalthings Somnofy helps us gain a better overview of the patient's condition around the clock. In collaboration with the staff, patients can explore effective measures to establish the best possible daily rhythm with the help of Vitalthings Somnofy."


Håkon Blomstrøm
Department Manager, Blå Kors Clinic

"By actively using the night report and monitoring changes in respiratory rate, we have been able to identify and initiate early treatment for infections."


Remi Andersen
Nursing Home Physician

"Vitalthings Somnofy has enabled unobtrusive and precise sleep measurement while also resulting in significant cost savings."


Maria Hzozanova, MSC
PHD candidate, NTNU

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