Spend Time on Those Who Need It Most

With continuous digital supervision and robust alert systems, home care services gain significantly improved oversight. This streamlines daily operations, providing increased security for elderly living at home.

Increased Demand with Limited Resources

An increasingly large portion of the population is growing older, and it is crucial to facilitate arrangements that allow more individuals to live safely and comfortably at home.

So how do we provide them with the care they deserve?

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By utilizing Vitalthings Somnofy, home care services gain access to valuable information that contributes to high-quality and individually tailored care.

Vitalthings Somnofy measures various health and environmental parameters throughout the night, generating a detailed report. For instance, restlessness might indicate pain, and staff have access to a graph showing restlessness from the previous night or over a period.

By observing such trends, a decision can be made to investigate whether the user is experiencing pain or discomfort, making the nightly reports a valuable tool for dialogue.

More Advantages of Vitalthings Somnofy


Continuous Monitoring

The condition and progress of elderly living at home are continuously monitored, eliminating the need for resource-intensive physical visits.


Optimized Resource Allocation

The home care service can allocate resources where they are needed most, while maintaining a comprehensive overview of all individuals living at home. 


Enhanced Safety

With increased insight and overview, there is an opportunity for closer and more targeted follow-up. This fosters a sense of security.


Increased User Involvement

The elderly living at home will avoid disruptions to their nighttime sleep and daily rhythm by avoiding unexpected physical visits.

Provides Increased Safety and Quality of Life

By integrating Vitalthings Somnofy into home care services, a significantly larger number of elderly individuals can continue living at home for a longer duration.

With better oversight and the possibility of rapid and close monitoring, elderly individuals living at home will experience increased security and enhanced quality of life.

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