Somnofy in Service for Addiction Care

Vitalthings Somnofy will function as a digital night guard, providing healthcare professionals access to accurate patient data

It provides better overview and enables targeted sleep improvement interventions tailored to each patient's needs.

The Significance of Sleep Issues

A lot of patients struggle with sleep problems, often intensified by their addiction. A good night's sleep is fundamental for both physical and mental health, and disruptions here can have serious consequences for an individual's rehabilitation and overall well-being.

Navigating a Vicious Circle

Sleep problems can often be a direct consequence of substance abuse, as substances can affect brain functions closely related to sleep.

Conversely, poor sleep and sleep disturbances can also intensify addiction by weakening the individual's ability to cope with stress. This increases the risk of relapse and may hinder the process of overcoming addiction.

Our Technology offer Unique Addiction Care Solutions

Vitalthings Somnofy is a digital night guard monitor that provides objective sleep data, collects information on respiratory rate and restlessness, and ensures privacy by not using a camera or microphone.

With real-time room monitoring, healthcare professionals enjoy improved working conditions, and patients have a safer night.

Somnofy statusoversikt i sanntid

More Advantages of Vitalthings Somnofy


Objective Sleep Data

Provides healthcare professionals with a better understanding of the patient's sleep patterns.


Information about respiratory rate

Gir innsikt i pasientens utvikling over tid og indikerer individuelle avvik. *Ikke medisinsk utstyr


Increased User Involvement

Patients can participate in the assessment of their own sleep data and enhance their participation in treatment.


Preserves Privacy

No cameras or microphones, only advanced sensor technology.


Reduced Risk of Relapse

Improved sleep quality can reduce the likelihood of relapse in substance dependence.


Undisturbed Night's Sleep

The status overview allows night staff to monitor key parameters such as patient presence, sleep, and agitation, so that patients can sleep undisturbed without being unnecessarily awakened.


"Vitalthings Somnofy helps us gain a better overview of the patient's condition around the clock. In collaboration with the staff, patients can explore effective measures to establish the best possible daily rhythm with the help of Vitalthings Somnofy."

Håkon Blomstrøm
Department Manager, Blå Kors Clinic