12. April 2024
Heidi Blengsli Aabel becomes Commercial Director at Vitalthings.


Heidi Blengsli Aabel has been appointed as the Commercial Director at Vitalthings. Aabel has led and developed the health technology company CheckWare from 2008 to the present. During this period, she developed the company from an early stage to an international company with over 200 customers in Norway, Sweden, and England. She was also a co-owner of the company until it was sold to EG in November 2023. Prior to this, Aabel had extensive experience in the software industry, including leading positions at Fara and Visma.

Sammenfallende visjoner og verdier

"I had no doubts when the offer came. Vitalthings is a very exciting business with highly competent and experienced people who have already proven they can succeed. We have overlapping visions and values, and working with technology that has a direct impact on patients' safety and security, while also saving on personnel, really makes sense," says Heidi Blengsli Aabel.

Ressursperson i videre skalering

"We are very pleased to have Heidi join the team at Vitalthings. Vitalthings is in a very exciting phase with great global interest in our solutions. We are developing groundbreaking, contactless, medical technology for patient and user monitoring with great potential around safety, patient security, and cost reductions. The solutions also enable a wide range of future digital services, where machine learning and AI play a role. With her experience and network, Heidi will be an important resource in the further scaling of the company," says Bård Benum, CEO of Vitalthings.

God timing

"I feel it's very good timing and I am looking forward to devoting my energy to an area I truly believe in. I like the phase the company is entering, with commercialization and internationalization as focus areas. I enjoy being involved in building and developing a company in strong growth. Vitalthings has forward-looking solutions that will address challenges in the healthcare sector that are both universal and global. We will definitely be able to contribute to increasing the export of Norwegian health technology," says Aabel.