Sleep Analysis
with Vitalthings

Several research projects have demonstrated that Vitalthings Somnofy measures sleep in a non-intrusive and highly accurate manner. Somnofy has been validated against the gold standard Polysomnography.

Measured Against Polysomnography

While polysomnography is accurate, involving sleep laboratories with numerous cables attached to the body is resource-intensive. This can disrupt natural sleep, unlike Vitalthings Somnofy, which offers simpler and more natural sleep monitoring at home or in institutional settings, within familiar surroundings.

"Compared to PSG, Vitalthings' Somnofy is closer to this gold standard for sleep measurement than any other contactless alternatives."

Ståle Pallesen
Professor and Sleep Researcher
University of Bergen

Accurate Sleep Analysis Anywhere

Vitalthings Somnofy is a contactless sleep and breathing monitor that measures vital signs and conducts detailed sleep analyses without the use of a camera. It detects movement, breathing rate, temperature, light, noise, and air quality, thereby contributing to a thorough analysis of sleep quality and potential changes in health status.

The technology supports sleep researchers with valuable data for long-term analysis of sleep trends.

More About the Technology

Vitalthings Somnofy provides detailed insights into sleep patterns by analyzing variables such as sleep duration, sleep stages like light, REM, and deep sleep, and the timing of sleep onset and awakening. It also measures sleep efficiency and quality through calculations that include Non-REM breathing rate and sleep fragmentation.


Biometric Health Data

Contactless sensors measure body movements and breathing rate.


Environmental parameters

Detects changes in temperature, light, noise, and air quality.


Detailed sleep stages with AI

Combines data with machine learning and provides detailed sleep stages.


Accurate sleep data quality

Supported by published and ongoing sleep studies.

Publications and Validations

Through meticulous research, extensive testing, and close collaboration with healthcare professionals and research communities, we have documented success stories and achieved improvements in patient care.


Vitalthings Somnofy benyttes i flere store og små forskningsprosjekter.

Fellesnevneren er ofte at de har behov for et verktøy med høy presisjon som ikke er inngripende, med enkel administrasjon og kontroll. Dette gir en enorm fleksibilitet, så Vitalthings Somnofy passer derfor godt for forskningsprosjekter med barn og ungdom, voksne, eldre, eller for eksempel idrettsutøvere.

Explore our collection of publications and validations below, confirming our dedication to innovative solutions that positively impact users, healthcare professionals, and society as a whole.

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