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Bård Benum
Gründer og Chief Executive Officer
+47 481 64 670

Alf-Egil Bogen
Gründer og Chief Innovation Officer
+47 920 40 770

The world's first contactless patient monitor

Vitalthings Guardian M10 monitors respiratory rate contactless. The innovation partnership with St. Olavs Hospital ensures that we meet the needs of the healthcare system.

Heidi Blengsli Aabel becomes Commercial Director at Vitalthings.

Heidi Blengsli Aabel er ansatt som kommersiell direktør i Vitalthings. Aabel har ledet og utviklet helseteknologiselskapet CheckWare i perioden 2008 til i dag.

Press Release: Successful Emission

The health technology company VitalThings AS in Trondheim recently completed a capital raise of 41.6 million. The interest in the capital raise was significant, surpassing the target of 35 million.

Clinical trial at St. Olavs Hospital

A central milestone in the Autoskår project: We have now finished the clinical trials of the upcoming patient monitor at St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim. This marks...

Vitalthings is ISO 13485:2016 certified

In a world where medical technology plays an ever more crucial role in healthcare, becomes the importance of ensuring quality and safety becomes ever more critical.

Project Autoskår

Through close collaboration between the business sector and healthcare, new technology is developed to enhance patient safety. Autoskår represents an innovation for the future.

Who is Vitalthings?

Vitalthings is here to contribute to the development of the healthcare of the future. We are leading the way in developing technologies and services that enable efficient patient monitoring and early warning of deteriorating health conditions.

The anticipated shortage of healthcare personnel in the coming years highlights the need to implement effective and customized digital solutions that ensure patient safety. By leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, we also offer healthcare professionals tools that enhance their efficiency and quality of work.

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Vitalthings has introduced Somnofy, the world's most precise contactless digital supervision and sleep radar. Our technology has gained significant trust from researchers worldwide and is recognized in numerous scientific articles. Somnofy is used in various institutions and nursing homes where sleep analysis, digital supervision, and continuous monitoring provide security for both residents and healthcare professionals.

We have recently completed clinical tests of Vitalthings Guardian M10, our newly developed contactless patient monitor, which is soon to be medically approved. The patient monitor is designed to be accurate, user-friendly, and flexible, so it can be used anywhere continuous supervision is desired. Among others, Vitalthings Guardian M10 has been developed in close collaboration with St. Olavs Hospital and other participants in the Autoskår project.

In 2023, Vitalthings achieved medical approval for the development, production, sale, and distribution of medical equipment in accordance with ISO 13485 standards.

Vision and Values

Our vision is to improve people's lives. We aim to enhance the quality of life and health for individuals, increase patient safety, and simplify the daily routines of healthcare professionals.


We understand that accurate data is the foundation for informed decisions, and we refuse to compromise on the quality of the information we provide. Accuracy is not just a value to us; it's a promise.


We are driven by an unstoppable curiosity that compels us to challenge boundaries and explore unknown territories. It is the force that drives us to ask the right questions, challenge the status quo, and incessantly seek new ways to improve our services.


We embrace the value of openness. Openness means collaboration, adaptability, and transparency. We are open to new ideas, partnerships, and opportunities to create something greater than ourselves. We do what we say, and we say what we do.

Our Founders

Our success is rooted not just in cutting-edge technology but also in the strength and expertise of our leadership team. The founders are the cornerstone of the company, combining their extensive industry knowledge, management skills, and technical expertise to lead Vitalthings' mission to revolutionize health technology.

Bård Benum

The co-founder and Chief Executive Officer is an experienced leader with an impressive history in the software industry. He has previously served as the CEO of Powel, a prominent software company in Norway, where his leadership played a pivotal role in the company's significant growth and recognition for innovative solutions. He is also holds a Master of Science in industrial economics, bringing valuable insights into economics to our team.

Alf-Egil Bogen

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, is a renowned technologist and the inventor of the AVR microcontroller, which was later acquired by Atmel, a well-known semiconductor company. His contributions to microcontroller and sensor technology have left a lasting mark on the industry. He also serves on the board of several companies, including Silicon Labs, a NASDAQ-listed semiconductor company based in Austin, Texas.

Ole Johan Ellingsen

Co-founder and Chief Technology Strategist, is the brain behind our technical innovations. He is a hands-on visionary with extensive experience in embedded design. His engineering expertise, combined with technical knowledge, is crucial for our product development.

Our Strong Team

Our highly competent team is not only diverse but exceptionally interdisciplinary, bringing together experts from various domains to drive innovation in health technology. Leading the charge is our Chief Medical Officer, an experienced physician who ensures our solutions meet the highest standards for clinical relevance and efficacy. Adding to our medical expertise, we have another dedicated physician on our team specializing in geriatrics, a crucial dimension of elderly care.

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We boast a collective of data analysts, machine learning specialists, sensor experts, and engineers in embedded systems who work seamlessly together to leverage technology's full potential within healthcare services. Their synergies enable us to develop groundbreaking solutions that seamlessly integrate data-driven insights with sensor technology.

Furthermore, we benefit from an extensive advisory group comprised of doctors representing various medical disciplines. Their guidance ensures our solutions are not only innovative but also deeply rooted in medical science. Additionally, our advisory board includes researchers and trainers with a diverse range of expertise areas, including a coach for Olympic athletes. This mix of diverse skills and comprehensive advisory support places us uniquely in our pursuit of making healthcare and elder care more efficient and accessible.

Key Facts

Vitalthings was established in 2017 by three experienced technology entrepreneurs. The company focuses on contactless health technology and collaborates with Norwegian and global healthcare, clinical, and research environments. The organization has 30 employees in Trondheim and Tønsberg and covers the entire value chain from sensor technology, signal processing, AI, digital services, and healthcare, clinical, and regulatory expertise. The company has a welfare technology product in the market, a digital night watch, and has recently developed the world's first contactless patient monitor for continuous monitoring.

The primary focus at Vitalthings is on B2B products and services, but the company has also licensed IP to a consumer-focused company in the USA. Employees own 65% of the company's shares.


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