Digital Monitoring in Volda Municipality Benefits Users and Staff

Volda Municipality has deployed Vitalthings Somnofy for digital monitoring of residents at the municipality's nursing homes and staffed care apartments. This has resulted in improved well-being among the residents and reduced stress among the staff.

A New Dimension of Safety

And a Unique Tool for Healthcare Professionals

Vitalthings Somnofy

Stay Ahead with Reliable Digital Supervision

Vitalthings' Somnofy continuously measures presence, sleep, and restlessness throughout the night. It also calculates an individual average breathing rate.

Healthcare workers gain access to status overview and night report, as well as receive alerts for various deviations.

All measurements are done contactlessly and without the use of a camera.


The Future of
Patient Monitoring

Vitalthings Guardian M10 represents a breakthrough in patient monitoring technology.

Contactless and continuous measurement of vital parameters offers significant benefits for both patients and healthcare workers.

Planned launch in mid-2024

Guardian M10

Breathing Rate: Your Body's Early Warning System

Breathing rate can provide early information about changes in health status. Vitalthings' sensor technology enables the continuous and contactless measurement of a patient's breathing rate without the need to attach equipment to the body. This opens up many new possibilities for patient monitoring, enabling the detection of both acute situations and changes over time.

Areas of Use

Improved patient safety and a better work environment

In close collaboration with hospitals and institutions, we develop technology and services for various user areas

Our goal is to simplify and streamline the workday for healthcare workers, while enhancing the quality of life and safety for service recipients






Addiction care


Home care services


Nursing homes and Assisted living



Optimize physical and mental health through quality sleep

A good night's sleep plays a crucial role in promoting both physical and mental health, while poor sleep quality has corresponding negative effects

By focusing on measures that contribute to improving sleep quality, we have the opportunity to optimize factors such as attention, learning, and maintaining a stable body weight across age groups.