1. August 2023
Project Autoskår


An Innovative Acquisition 

Through close collaboration between the business sector and healthcare, new technology is developed to enhance patient safety. Autoskår represents an innovative acquisition and a pioneering partnership that involves St. Olav's Hospital, the University Hospital of North Norway (UNN), and collaborative municipalities, represented by Malvik Municipality.

Vitalthings was chosen as the preferred development partner for the advanced sensor technology in collaboration with DNV Imatis, a developer of real-time digital solutions

A Collaboration of Great Significance

The possibilities inherent in the use of advanced sensor technology are many and underutilized in the healthcare sector. A primary challenge has been the significant time investment required to connect equipment, often involving a multitude of cables. Additionally, there is the challenge of patients experiencing limited freedom of movement while connected to the instruments. Similarly, hospital wards require solutions that enable more continuous monitoring of vulnerable patient groups, in contrast to the current practice dominated by interval-based supervision 

In addition, healthcare professionals must manage multiple data sources simultaneously to form a comprehensive picture of patients' conditions. In a busy workday, this results in a high cognitive load for many. Manual documentation and the lack of integration between systems can also impact the quality of patient care

The Vitalthings contactless patient monitor for measuring vital parameters will have significant implications for enhanced patient safety as well as more efficient patient care and utilization of personnel resources  The future is automatic, continuous, and contactless.

Enhanced Patient Safety, Improved Work Environment 

The solution represents a significant technological and functional advancement, allowing for more continuous follow-up of many patients—an approach that was previously only available in intensive care and monitoring units.

By utilizing continuous and contactless monitoring, it becomes possible to identify health deteriorations earlier, initiate necessary treatment, and prevent unnecessary progression of disease. The system is also designed to serve as a safety net against overdosing on potent pain medications. The aim is to enhance patient safety and improve the work environment for healthcare professionals.

The next Generation of Patient Monitoring

We have developed a system designed for seamless integration into relevant user environments, initially with a specific focus on the emergency department at St. Olav Hospital. The project period extends until the end of 2023, with the objective of delivering a fully developed and medically approved sensor system, along with a corresponding app solution for service phones such as Myco3 and iPhone4.

This gives healthcare professionals a simple way to register patients through wristband scanning, manage the sensor system, handle alarms, and configure directly through their phones, all while maintaining a continuous overview of the health status and vital parameters of registered patients.

Guardian M10
Vitalthings Guardian M10

Curious about Vitalthings Guardian M10?

Curious about how Vitalthings Guardian M10 can be utilized for your application? Feel free to send us an inquiry. 

Curious about Vitalthings Guardian M10?

Curious about how Vitalthings Guardian M10 can be utilized for your application? Feel free to send us an inquiry. 

Vitalthings Guardian M10