18. January 2024
A Digital Lifeline for an Overburdened Home Care Service

When Extreme Weather Hits Vital Health Services

As extreme weather impacts essential health services, the need for safe and efficient care is more critical than ever, especially as more elderly and sick individuals increasingly reside at home. Vitalthings' Somnofy addresses this challenge by offering a digital solution that ensures safety for users, their families, and healthcare professionals. 

Recent weeks have seen numerous news stories about significant challenges facing home care services in municipalities all over the country. Heavy snowfalls have limited accessibility, necessitating extraordinary assistance from organizations like the Red Cross and the Home Guard. These conditions have heightened uncertainty for both users and their families, placing a heavy burden on home care service employees.

Vitalthings' Somnofy is a contactless digital night watch that, among other things, measures average breathing frequency throughout the night. Changes in breathing frequency often precede illness, and a rising trend can thus serve as an indicator that home-dwelling individuals should be prioritized and monitored more closely. Utilizing data collected 365 days a year enables the implementation of necessary measures and simplifies challenging prioritizations in extreme situations. 

Snøkaos hjemmetjenesten

In addition to monitoring breathing frequency, Vitalthings' Somnofy also offers contactless and precise sleep analysis. Good sleep is vital for both physical and mental health, particularly for the elderly. Poor sleep quality can lead to a variety of health issues, including increased risk of chronic diseases, diminished cognitive function, and falls. It also measures environmental parameters like air quality and room temperature, which are useful to monitor in all seasons. 

Vitalthings' Somnofy is a valuable tool in home care services, not just during extreme weather events but also under normal working conditions. With an integrated alert system and the ability to provide detailed health monitoring, it supports healthcare professionals in making informed decisions and allocating resources most effectively.